The Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) is the largest independent, voluntary, non-profit association of companies in Slovenia. It was founded in 1851, and today boasts more than 5,200 member companies of all shapes and sizes, from different branches and regional backgrounds.

The CCIS has the status of a representative Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and thus cooperates with the government in preparing legislation and policy strategies. It is a member of the Economic and Social Council of Slovenia as well as numerous government bodies, supporting them with its know-how and expertise. The CCIS is a signatory party of more than 20 branch-level collective agreements.

As one of the employers’ associations, it represents the interests of its members in their relations with the government and trade unions as regards the creation of good business conditions for economic development.

Members are organized within:

  • 25 branch associations/chambers representing specific sectors of the Slovenian economy,
  • 13 regional chambers representing regional interests.

Chamber of small Business and Trade (CSBT) is an important part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) as it has been the voice of SMEs for over 35 years. It entwines, promotes, integrates and offers assistance to more than 1,500 active members from the trading, services and manufacturing sectors. As a modern, forward-looking development, educational and consulting organization, it actively represents the interests of entrepreneurs dealing in more than 80 business activities.


CCIS is involved in a wide range of projects on national, cross-border, transnational and EU level. In the last 3 years CCIS participated (lead) more than 10 cross-border projects and participated in 3 transnational projects (Interreg MED & SEE), many CIP actions, COSME, H2020 and FP7, LIFE+, ERASMUS+ and LLP in total more than 60 projects by 2022.  CSBT will work on Sustainability and Exploitation section and prepare Succession Ready SME Package. We will gladly help with our knowledge and experience on all Project results.

CCIS will provide essential added value to the Succession Ready project in the fields of:

  • Research Capabilities
  • Succession Competence
  • (VET) Training Competence
  • Network Reach to SMEs, VET and Policy
  • Dissemination / Exploitation

The activities of CCIS in the field of succession have focused mainly on the collection of statistical information, analysis of such information and the drafting of informative and training documents aimed at companies. In other words, tasks closely linked to awareness, information and analysis on the situation in the field of succession, both related to large companies and SMEs.

Based on our competencies we will take the role especially about the VET Transfer Packages of R2 and R3 – but will also provide important added value to all other project resources.

Author: Katarina Bobič, Senior Cosultant at Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia

Editor: Mario Ceccarelli, Project Officer at UIIN