Module 4: Change Management


This module invites you to delve into the critical aspects of change management, specifically tailored for successors in SMEs. The content is designed to provide you with the skills and understanding necessary to navigate and lead through organizational changes effectively. You will learn about the importance of change management in ensuring smooth leadership transitions and maintaining organizational success.

Key components such as preparing for change, managing the transition, implementing changes and reinforcing them are covered here, supported by practical approaches and models including stakeholder analysis, communication plans and more.

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Additional Resources

Leadership and Management during Organisational Transitions: Case of UK SMEs

This report explores the impact of organizational transitions on leadership and management. It highlights the challenges faced and offers strategies for adapting leadership styles and practices.

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Nachfolg-o-mat – Wissenstest zur Unternehmensnachfolge

Mit dem Nachfolgomat können Nachfolgende ihr individuelles Wissen zu unterschiedlichen Nachfolgeszenarien testen. / With the Nachfolgomat, successors can test their individual knowledge of different succession scenarios.

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Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment in European SMEs

This study analyses the effects of different leadership styles such as ‘visionary’ and ‘empowering’ on organizational commitment in the context of European SMEs. Empowering leadership, which boosts motivation by sharing power and giving autonomy, is becoming important according to recent literature.

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Overview of Change Management Frameworks

This explainer video provides an overview of 10 change management models which are applicable to enterprises, regardless of size. 

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Module 5: Financial Considerations of Succession