Module 2: Succesion Planning in SMEs:

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills with EntreComp



This module focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills using the EntreComp framework applied to the specific context of succession in SMEs. The EntreComp framework, developed by the European Commission, serves as a comprehensive model to identify and nurture the entrepreneurial skills, which are also vital for effective SME leadership and management. This module provides detailed methodologies, practical exercises, case studies, and hands-on activities to help you apply EntreComp competencies in real-world scenarios effectively. 

The module guides you through understanding the EntreComp framework, enhancing key entrepreneurial skills, and applying these skills within your business environment. You will explore areas such as spotting opportunities, fostering creativity and vision, and integrating ethical and sustainable thinking into your business practices.

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Additional Resources

Gründer Plattform – Unternehmensnachfolge

Die Gründerplattform bietet umfassende Informationen für Unternehmensnachfolger, darunter auch Checklisten, Hintergrundinformationen, Tools und Tipps / The start-up platform offers comprehensive information for company successors, including checklists, background information, tools and tips.

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Promoting Entrepreneurship and Business Transfers through Dual Training Schemes: Insights from Lithuania

With many European SMEs facing challenges in finding suitable successors, the article proposes dual training as a solution to educate and attract entrepreneurs to the SME sector. It specifically examines a dual training program initiated in Lithuania in 2016, presenting findings from its initial evaluation and assessing the potential of graduates to become future business successors.

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The Influence of Entrepreneurial Skills on Successor Innovation in Slovenia’s Family-Owned SMEs

The study looks into the field of family entrepreneurship and succession, focusing particularly on the innovative capabilities within family-owned SMEs. It seeks to understand how the entrepreneurial competencies of founders influence the innovativeness of their successors within these businesses.

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Succession’s Influence on the Internationalization of Family Businesses: Insights from Successors

This paper aims to explore how successors perceive key objective and subjective factors, along with networks, that either facilitate or hinder the internationalization process of entrepreneurial family businesses.

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Module 1: Introduction to Succession Planning for Successors

Module 3: Innovation and Adaptability