Module 1: Introduction to

Succession Planning for Succesors


This module provides an introduction to succession planning tailored specifically for successors stepping into leadership roles within SMEs. The focus is on ensuring the continuity, growth, and legacy of the business. This module covers key learning objectives such as developing practical strategies to navigate succession challenges, knowing the main steps in the process, identifying common obstacles and understanding the impact of effective succession planning on the sustainability (and growth) of the SME.

Practical tools and frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard, SWOT analysis, and the RACI matrix are introduced to help successors prepare for and enhance their leadership roles. The module also emphasizes the importance of effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement in the succession planning process.

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Additional Resources

Business Succession Frameworks for SMEs in Central Europe

Many European SMEs close each year due to difficulties in finding suitable successors or the lack of an effective succession plan. This research article analyses the current state of SME succession in Central Europe along with models & approaches to succession, such as “Three-circle model” and “Six-stepping stones model”.

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RKW Kompetenzzentrum – Praxisbeispiele Unternehmensnachfolge

Auf der Seite des RKW – Kompetenzzentrums werden 9 unterschiedliche Praxisbeispiele erfolgreicher Nachfolgeprozesse vorgestellt. / The website of the RKW Competence Centre presents 9 different practical examples of successful succession processes. 

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Family Business Succession: Analyzing Success Drivers with Entrepreneurship Theory in Southern European-Mediterranean and Slavic Countries

The research study highlights how the interaction between successors’ personal traits, family business characteristics, and context creates different succession outcomes. Findings enhance family business theory, identify conditions promoting growth and sustainability, and inform country-specific public policies to better support successors in family businesses.

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The Role of Women in Family SMEs’ Succession: A Gender Perspective Conceptual Framework

Some successors believe that a firm’s performance can vary based on gender characteristics, while others argue that management is consistent regardless of gender. This study underscores the importance of promoting women entrepreneurs in family business succession. It proposes a conceptual framework to better understand the gender perspective in family business succession.

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Module 2: Succession Planning: Developing Entrepreneurial Skills with EntreComp