Module 3: Psychodinamics of Family Relationships During the Succession Process


In this module, you will explore the psychodynamics of relationships during the succession process in family businesses. This topic delves into the emotional complexities, potential conflicts, and strong relationships that are integral to any succession. The module aims to equip you with insights and tools to handle these dynamics effectively, ensuring a successful and efficient transition. You will analyze three practical examples illustrating family psychodynamics, identify critical challenges, and learn to avoid common barriers. Additionally, the module provides knowledge about unprocessed emotions and how they affect business relationships.

The module also introduces a communication plan tool, which is essential for fostering transparency, building trust, and facilitating successful business transitions. This plan includes clear objectives, identifying communication stakeholders, content of messages, timelines, and both internal and external communication strategies. The module highlights the importance of addressing these elements to maintain trust and good relations during the succession process. 

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Additional Resources

KfW – Tipps zum Generationenwechesl in Familienunternehmen

In diesem Video werden Tipps zum Generationenwechsel in einem Familienunternehmen anhand eines Best-Practice-Cases vorgestellt / This video presents tips on succession in a family business using a best practice case study.

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Trusted advisors in a family business’s succession-planning process—An agency perspective

This resource covers the role of trusted advisors in the succession-planning process of family businesses through the lens of agency theory, addressing how these advisors can mitigate conflicts and facilitate smooth transitions between generations.

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Nasledstvo v podjetju je čustveno izredno naporen proces

Podcast about emotional process among the family.

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KfW – Externe Unternehmensnachfolge

Der Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter und die kaufmännische Leitung der TKT Kunststoff-Technik GmbH erläutern, wie die externe Unternehmensnachfolge realisiert wurde und geben Tipps, unter anderem zur Unternehmenssuche und zur Finanzierung. / The managing shareholder and the commercial management of TKT Kunststoff-Technik GmbH explain how the external company succession was realised and provide tips, including on finding a company and on financing.

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Case Studies on th Psychodinamics of Family Relationships During the Succession Process

Case Study 1 – Personal experience abroad helps a young female entrepreneur

Case Study 2 – Sovereignty under the family roof – Ann & Jan

Case Study 3 – Paving the way – Will and goals pave the way

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Module 2: Transferring Business: Challenges and Solutions

Module 4: Financial Considerations