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Issue 2

Welcome to Succession Ready!

According to the European Commission, in te European Union (EU) around 150.000 failed business successions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) per year put approximately 600.000 jobs at risk.This corresponds to a failure rate of about 1/3, with a high number of unreported cases.

The Challenge Analysis and Competence Framework

An overview of the Challange Analysis and Competence Framework

As a result of problematic or failed succession processes, many SMEs must close or lose competitiveness and value, despite being economically sound. 30% of successions fail, putting around 150,000 companies and 600,000 jobs at risks each year. The actual challenges and necessary competencies of SMEs and successors remain as a significant research gap despite this topic being so important. There is no basis for a comprehensive competency framework on which to develop targeted…

What are the most common drivers and challenges for succession?

As part of the succession ready project, Univations has written a policy report that investigates the high failure rate of SME succession in the EU and analyses policy report analyses the current state of SME succession with a particular focus on the member states of origin of our project partners – Germany, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Prior to this policy report, individual country reports on SME succession in Germany, Ireland, Greece, the Netherlands and Slovenia were…

A word from a succession expert

Succession for SMEs: an interview with Transeo

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) had the unique chance to speak to Marie Depelssemaker, the secretary general of Transeo, one of the largest networks in Europe when it comes to succession. Marie has an extreme wealth of knowledge in transfers and acquisitions of businesses, international relations, and communication. Within Transeo…

Case studies: Stories from successful successions

Succession in Germany: the story of Osterdach

In 1986, Karin and Franz-Josef Oster founded the Osterdach roofing company in Bernkastel-Kues, Germany. Over the years, Osterdach developed from an initially pure roofing company into a broad-based carpentry and roofing company, which today operates under the name OsterNest Dach + Holzbau GmbH. After the death of their father, who was the managing director, the three children…

Succession in Slovenia: the story of Majnika Herbal Garden

Katja Temnik has a background in Political science and as professional basketball player. Nevertheless, she decided to pursue biodynamic farming career, taking over her family business.  Having grown up in nature, taking over the family business was not a burden for her, but on the contrary, it was a pleasure and a unique challenge. To date, most of Katja’s work relates…

Succession in Greece: the story of an SME working in Maritime & Shipmanagement

The Greek SME provides services in the field of Maritime & Shipmanagement. The company was established in 1986 by the seller.  Currently, it employs 20 full-time employees. The main reason for the sale revolves around the seller and founder’s decision to retire therefore to hand over the company to their son. The successor is the son of the former owner who started working in the company right after his….