Tvw GmbH (the vision works GmbH),is a young, dynamic consulting company specialising in supporting entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in special situations and accompanying them through difficult phases along the life cycle of a company.

These special situations include not only the founding of a company, but also topics such as growth, crisis, succession, change management or digitalisation. Tvw unique philosophy is that it not only develops concepts and business plans, but also implements them together with its partners and stand by their side even (and especially) in difficult times.

It is in its vision and philosophy not only to generate success with and for its clients and partners, but to create the greatest possible impact. To achieve this, Tvw has not only implemented a holistic corporate social responsibility strategy itself but it is also involved as an organisation and individually in numerous social good initiatives, work e.g. with NGOs and migrant initiatives and support social enterprises and regional start-ups.

Its interdisciplinary team of currently seven employees combines different expertise and backgrounds – from management and consulting expertise, computer science and digitalisation know-how to law, education, and social sciences. Tvw pursues a holistic training concept and all its employees have numerous additional qualifications and certificates – from restructuring consulting, scrum project management, innovation management, succession consulting to quality management.

To ensure tvw quality management and ethical consultancy, the company is an active member in the Risk Management Society, Restructuring and Succession Association, and is committed to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and have implemented the processes of DIN-ISO 20700 “Management Consulting”.

Even though tvw still a young company, its experience and background make it an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, and it has regional, national and international contacts to all relevant stakeholder groups, from universities and research institutions, incubators and business development centres to public and private financiers. Tvw also share its expertise as a partner in the VET sector. Together with chambers or adult education partners, for example, it develops and implement specific training courses and innovative learning environments.

Tvw uses our digitisation expertise in particular to support small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, social good initiatives and VET providers in their digital transformation, but also to implement concrete business intelligence and APP development projects. Among other things, tvw specialises in the development of innovative and interactive assessment applications and feedback generators – which can, for example, identify knowledge gaps and weaknesses on the basis of in-depth assessments, generate individual feedback and provide specific knowledge resources.

International projects like Succession Ready are an outstanding opportunity for tvw to grow as individuals and as an organisation, to expand its boundaries and to professionalise itself. At the same time, it enables the company to transfer our expertise from day-to-day business to areas and target groups that allow us to create important social impact in different dimensions.

Tvw GmbH is proud to be the project lead on this vital project and, together with the Succession-ready team, add significant value to succession processes.

Article extracted from the Succession Ready project proposal.

Editor: Mario Ceccarelli, Project Officer at UIIN