The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) is committed to driving innovation the interface of industry and university, enhancing technology and knowledge transfer employability, developing more engaged universities and preparing graduates for the future. We are dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and their impact on both, industry and society. We support our global community of 100+ organizational and 500+ individual members through providing insights from research, sharing best practice, and built capacity amongst academics, professionals and leaders in industry and higher education.

In addition to being a service and knowledge provider and the organiser of the largest conference on university-business engagement, attracting over 500 delegates from over 60 countries annually, UIIN conducts research for public and private institutions in Europe and beyond. In addition to our involvement in over a dozen large-scale projects for the European Commission, EIT, GIZ and others, UIIN has also worked with various national and regional governments in more than 10 countries (incl. Australia). UIIN is operated by a passionate and highly experienced team of 17, who have led research, implementation and consulting projects for Universities and SMEs, regional development, future of universities and entrepreneurial universities.

UIIN has a proven track record in leading and undertaking research activities, developing and implementing training models and tools as well as actively sharing this knowledge with our wider audience. Through its access to key contacts in industry and academia via their large membership and events, and various communication and distribution channels reaching a large variety of European stakeholders, UIIN will especially support the dissemination further exploitation of the value created within the project.

UIIN is involved in a number of EU-funded projects targeted at university-SME collaboration for developing the growth potential of the latter. UIIN will lead the creation of the Succession Ready Knowledge Platform and Open Educational Resources (OERs) and will be involved in the development of all other Project Results.

Article extracted from the Succession Ready project proposal.

Editor: Mario Ceccarelli, Project Officer at UIIN