Meath County Council (MCC) is a statutory body, tasked with delivering quality services to the communities of County Meath. With a budget of over €50m and over 500 staff, MCC has been unrelenting in pursuing new ideas, policies, strategies and solutions in order to ensure improved efficiencies and cost savings are achieved. The Council is committed to working with Community Groups, a wide range of statutory agencies and NGOs as well as constantly improving engagement with neighbouring authorities, as a means to achieving results beyond what could be achieved working alone.

The Council operates the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) whose specific emphasis is job creation through enterprise. At both national and local level, the indigenous micro-enterprise and small business sector is central to economic recovery, job creation and the future development of the Irish economy. It’s vision is to ensure that there are locally accessible supports available that will nurture entrepreneurship and promote the creation and maintenance of employment, with a dedicated culture of delivery. The LEO engages directly with a core group of client companies numbering over one thousand and provides direct financial support (in the form of grants) along with dedicated mentoring and training services.

The LEO Meath is part of a network of similar organisations throughout the country and this network acts as the primary resource for economic development in Ireland. The LEOs provide direct one-to-one vocational education and training to client companies. The LEO also maintains direct and constant links with the Higher Education institutes across the country and more widely across the EU and Africa.

As part of the drive to create and develop Economic prosperity for all citizens in the county, MEATH County Council embraces the delivery of services to the business and wider community in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible, and the delivery of these services on-line is a key tool in the realisation of this goal.

Along with Univations, Meath LEO will take primary responsibility for delivering the Challenge Analysis and Competence Framework. Meath LEO will also be responsible for quality monitoring and evaluation throughout the life of the project.

Article extracted from the Succession Ready project proposal.

Editor: Mario Ceccarelli, Project Officer at UIIN