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Providing knowledge and tools to enable successful transfer leadership of SMEs


Is the Succession Ready Knowledge Hub for you?

The Knowledge hub was created to support situational and needs-based learning for those interested in the topic of leadership transfer in Smal and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Building up on the knowledge from Succession Ready Project, the Knowledge Hub targets:

Business Successor


VET Trainer

Policy maker

If you find yourself amongst this group, and you are interested in deepening your knowledge in leadership transfer, please choose one of the pathways according to your interest. The platform approaches business transfer from the perspective of the SMEs giving up on leadership and successors taking over.

The Succession Ready Pathways


Module 1: General introduction

Module 2: Instil the culture of change within your SME

Module 3: Understand the emotional compoenet of leadership transfer

Module 4: Prepare your business to change

Module 5: Tools to support your leadership transfer

Module 1: General introduction

Module 1: XX

Module 3: XX

Module 4: XX

Module 5: XX