Supporting Leadership Transition in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The Succession Ready Project

The Erasmus+ funded project Succession Ready (Interactive Succession Readiness Toolkit) targets the VET sector and SME stakeholders to reduce the extremely high failure rate of succession processes of SMEs in Europe, by enabling them to analyse their succession readiness and identifying knowledge gaps and weaknesses. Additionally, the project equips the target groups with necessary knowledge and tools to best prepare and implement the succession process.

Succession Ready Objectives

Raise awareness about the extremely high rate of succession failure amongst SMEs in Europe.

Provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the stakeholders in the succession process and the competencies needed to overcome them.
Develop a comprehensive training framework and toolboxes that provide the necessary knowledge and support to prepare and implement succession processes in the best possible way.

Create a Knowledge Hub of OERs, providing extensive self-study materials and a platform connecting target groups.

Design an Assessment Application and Feedback Generator to assess the readiness of SMEs and successors, identifying knowledge gaps and weaknesses and generating comprehensive feedback.

Succession Ready Project Results

Challenge Analysis and Competence Framework

SME Package

Successor Package

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